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Google Search Engine Optimization

Google Search Optimization

The SEO services we provide in content optimization are crucial for improving a website's ranking in search engines. By optimising website content, we attract targeted traffic and increase user engagement. Optimising keywords, titles, and descriptions, while providing valuable content, helps websites stand out and excel.

Technical Optimization.

Our Google search engine optimization strategy includes optimising site speed, mobile-friendliness, and keywords, ensuring SSL security, clear website structure, and high-quality content. We also engage in backlink building and social media integration to boost Google rankings and enhance website authority.

Link Building

We recognize the significance of link building in SEO engine optimization, a vital strategy for improving Google search rankings. Acquiring high-quality external links boosts your site's credibility and attracts more traffic, increasing its discoverability in search engines.

SEO & Marketing

Google SEO aims to boost a site’s Google search ranking, attract more visitors, and enhance visibility for increased traffic, sales, and online success. Given Google’s global prominence, it’s crucial for many online businesses and websites.

Search engines are one of the primary ways users access information on the internet. Through google search optimization, you can improve its ranking in google search engines, attracting more users with potential interest to visit your site.

Achieving a higher ranking in search engines makes your website more discoverable to users. When users enter keywords related to your website in a search engine, your site is more likely to appear in their search results.

Most competitors also utilise SEO optimization services through SEO consultants to attract potential customers. If you neglect SEO, your competitiveness may be affected, and you could lose market share.


Increasing Website Traffic:

By using seo search optimization your website to rank higher in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), you can boost organic traffic and attract more visitors.

Increasing Website Visibility:

Using our search engine optimization consultants to improve your website ranking means that more people can see your website’s link. This helps enhance brand awareness and online presence.

Improve Click-Through Rate:

Using search engine optimization on Google allows for attractive titles and descriptions to appear in search results, increasing the likelihood of users clicking your link and thereby improving click-through rates.


Liquor Store

  • The website has thousands types of alcohol, including whiskey, single malt, red wine, etc
  • Product prices range from NZD $3.99 to NZD $70,000+
  • The business model is online sales only for the whole of New Zealand


  • Lack of knowledge and skills  in Google Ads
  • DIY Google ads – smart campaign
  • Lose control of biding, causing   expensive and ineffective ads performance


  • Competitor and industry  analysis
  • Build a logical structure for  Google ads campaigns
  • Implement keywords research  and bidding strategy


The client spent 6 months running Google ads and ended up getting $50,000 in total. In contrast, it only took us one month to achieve  the results that the client effort for six months with the same ads budget.