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How to improve the quality of the website to attract more visitors? It is a daily task for all digital marketers. As is well-known, content is king and the marketing team consistently create appealing content. Marketers also attempt to public the content in multiple channels to impress and drive traffic. Sometimes, they may acquiesce the plagiarism because they believe the quality of the content is approved. However, duplicate content impacts your SEO negatively. Duplicate Content The definition of duplicate content means that the same or very similar content can be found on two different URLs. The reasons for this phenomenon include internal and external

Every digital marketer is familiar with click-through rate (CTR), and for paid advertising, a high CTR can show whether your Ads succeeded or not. However, CTRs also play an important role in organic search. What are the limitations of your organic CTR, and what are the factors that stop your organic CTR from increasing? We will discuss them in the following parts. Why must you measure your organic CTR? Before we talk about it, we need to make sure what is organic CTR? The organic click-through rate is the number of clicks on your website received through search results divided by

Most business these days tend to make online appearances especially since the pandemic has occurred. Online presence undoubtedly does help generate quite a good share of your total revenue. But to have a good online ranking is somewhat difficult because it includes a lot of backend work which needs to be done. SEO is one of them. SEO or Search Engine Optimization includes improving and developing content for the organization’s website which helps the company rank higher on google and appear whenever a user searches for similar products or services. A well- optimized website will rank organically for high-value keywords,